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Any designer dream is to have a huge collection of fonts!
What if they are free fonts?
Even better, that's precisely what you'll find on fontsdownloadfree. We're sure to make your dream come true. With a huge collection of free fonts that you can download to develop your project. Read on!


If you look in the dictionary, "typography is the art of printing types" - letters or fonts. This term also refers to the formation of the drawing and its unfolding in families, where it is included the variations of thickness, height and width, without counting the bold, italic and underlined. As you know, there are a lot of free fonts available on the Internet for designers to use in their projects.

Sources are classified and some groups, such as:

  • Serifs
  • Without serif
  • Curves
  • Fantasy
  • Display

These groups, as mentioned above, are just some of the existing ones, which may even provide subclassifications, offering even more variety of styles.

So, with a wide range of free fonts to download, it's hard work to select. However, their use and correct choice provides greater personality to your graphic design project and can sometimes be a key element of the brand or visual communication medium.

Don't despair, we have just selected some fonts and the best sites to find and download other free fonts.

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