28 de Junho, 2019

History of typography

“Letters have character, spirit and personality.”Robert Bringhurst, 2005. 5,000 years ago, long before the alphabet was used, the prehistoric inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula identified the members of their elites by engraving drawings on shale plates, an original solution. And a good introduction to the more complex systems that appeared later. What is typography? Typography( from Greek typography – “form” – and graphin – “writing”) is the process of creation in the composition of a text, physical or digital. It has evolved since the invention of the first types, around 1450. Since then, it has become an art, studied and appreciated, in addition to being a fundamental element in the daily life of designers and graphic designers. As in graphic design in general, the main objective of typography is to give a structural order and form to the printed communication. By analogy, typography has also become a way of referring […]
29 de Junho, 2019

Structures of a type

Any designer or cartoonist who respects himself must know a little more about typography. After all, they need to know what type of Font to use and for what purpose. Well, in this post I will write about the structural variations of a type, but before that I will explain briefly about the classification of fonts and their elements. The sources can be classified in 4 groups : Serif (with serif), non-serif (without serif), cursive (handwritten) or dingbats (fantastic). To understand serif fonts, you must first understand the typographical elements. Each typeface consists of distinct elements, such as: : Base line (base line) Central axis (middle or middle line)) Ascendant (ascendant) Descendant (descendant) Capital Letter Lowercase letter Height of x (height x) Head or top (apex) Serif (serif) Stomach or intestine (Bowl)) Stem or stem Quantity or beam (diagonal stroke)) Base or foot Bar (bar) Bojo (counter) Etc Serif fonts […]
29 de Junho, 2019

Typography: Full Guide

What is typography Typography: from the Greek typos = form and graphein = writing. It is the mechanization of writing made by technology for the reproduction of texts in series. Typography is also the term used to define the study of types (although some people also use the term typology a lot). But first… Let’s go back a little bit in history… Beginning of writing From the beginning, man has always sought ways to communicate and express himself in relation to the world and his peers. Thus, long before the beginning of writing, man communicated through sounds, songs, gestures, drawings, paintings, dances, sculptures… After the development of speech, and of course of oral communication, there was a need to create files, preserve and transmit memory, etc. And the consequence of this need was the invention of writing. “The emergence of writing is an important step in world history because it […]